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Have you ever wondered what's in a vaccine?

Vaccine ingredient lists can be intimidating and hard to understand, but it shouldn't be that way. This website takes the ingredients from the vaccine package inserts (information sheets) and makes them easy to understand without a science background.

Information Should Be Accessible

This resource is designed to make vaccines and their ingredients more approachable.

Having access to this information is helpful for making informed decisions.

I hope this will also alleviate some fear and uncertainty about vaccines or act as a resource for you.


I am not a physician or an expert on vaccination. These ingredient lists and all other information on this website are not a replacement for medical advice from a physician. If you have any questions or concerns about vaccine ingredients, please contact your doctor.  

The immunization recommendations and schedules referenced on this website generally refer to CDC guidelines, which apply to the United States. The recommended immunization schedule varies by country, so these guidelines may not apply to the country you are in.

To find your country's immunization schedule, click here.

Sources for all information presented on this website can be found at the bottom of the corresponding page.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2024

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