Vaccine ingredient lists can be scary and hard to read, and scientific terminology can be hard to understand.

I want to break down the ingredients in each vaccine and put them in context so that you can understand all of the ingredients without a science background.

I hope that this resource will give you information to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare, gain a greater understanding of vaccines, or just teach you something new. 

I believe that everyone should have access to information related to their health, and it is important that the information is meant for everyone, not just doctors and scientists. I strived to create a resource that does not require any scientific or medical background. 

Some relevant scientific terms are defined under Definitions and Unit Conversions

About Me

My name is Samantha Ratner, and I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Health, and Society.

In addition, I received highest honors for my undergraduate thesis about my research on Streptococcus pneumoniae, which causes pneumococcal disease. 


I am also the head of the Student Vaccine Working Group on Ethics and Policy

I have always been passionate about vaccines and health literacy. I hope that this resource allows you to feel informed about your healthcare.

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