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Active ingredients:


This is one of the hepatitis B vaccines


Active ingredients:

Hepatitis B surface antigen connected to CpG 1018, an adjuvant that mimics the structure of bacterial and viral DNA in order to improve the immune response.

Heplisav-B is a recombinant protein vaccine: the information for how to make specific proteins is inserted into the genome of Hansenula polymorpha, which is a type of yeast. The yeast produce the hepatitis B surface antigen, which is used as the active ingredient in the vaccine. Because these are proteins, not whole bacteria, you cannot get hepatitis B from the vaccine.

Note: yeast is used as part of the manufacturing process, so the vaccine contains traces of yeast. If you are allergic to yeast, please talk to your doctor before receiving this vaccine.

Inactive ingredients:
Amounts are based on a 0.5mL dose

Salts: help maintain the stability and pH of the vaccine

Other Stabilizers:


Relevant Terms

Relevant Terms

  • Adjuvant: a compound added to some vaccines to strengthen the immune response

  • Antibody: a protein made by the immune system in response to a foreign particle (antigen). These proteins circulate in the blood and help defend the body against the substance.  

  • Antigen: This is any substance that triggers the immune system to create antibodies. For example, allergens such as pollen are antigens. 

  • Genome: all of the genetic information in a cell.

  • Emulsifier: a substance that helps to keep the ingredients mixed together


Last updated: Apr. 4, 2024

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